Fina Travels with the Winds


A Worldwide Network of Balancing Flows of Energy

Given the personal and educational background, Mr. Olivieri strongly values the enrichment of the people and communities through inter-cultural communication, as well as international commercial exchange and tourism.

From the fashion industry, import-export and distribution, to workers safety equipment, and corporate consulting, Mr. Olivieri has been involved in different sectors of the international economic arena.  

Almost no sector is nowadays isolated from the influence of the events outside of the local boundaries. It is important to keep alert on the changes generating around the world that can affect your local activities, and react to these, through a network of partners. 

Balancing Economics and Wellbeing for Sustainability

After going through the first cycle of business enterprise, Mr. Olivieri understood the importance of looking for a balance between the business aspect and the human well-being of the people involved.

The rapidly changing business and working conditions require people to constantly adapt their professional and social relationships and lifestyles. But these fast paced adaptative changes can often lead to personal off-balancing, with potentially health issues. It is from his own personal need of compensating against the over-focus on the financial aspect of the business that he went on to search for activities that bring people closer socially (culture and dance) and to nature and oneself (sports and yoga), with natural healing effects. 

These types of activities can be categorized as personal Sustainable Experiences in Fina Group's Travel proposals. Note that these experiences are also sustainable for the development of the local economies, communities, and environment.

Connecting to the Natural flows for increased Energy and more Sustainable performance 

With Fina Group, the intention is that of finding a more equilibrated lifestyle, and offer the same opportunity to its customers who search for a trigger to an improvement in their lives and ultimately to personal growth and a life-balancing experience. The idea coming partly from Kant's statement: "Man is the transcendance of himself". Sometimes the change can be inspired from outside of one's know area, or abroad, and Transformational Travel aims at that exact purpose. 

Moreover, traveling to parts of the world that have a different level of development opens up to the awareness in the potential enrichment through energies that are lower at 'home'. Just like winds and waves flow across continents and oceans, people can transfer energy by traveling and balancing exchange. And combining the traveling to cultural, sports, and dance activities increases the effects of connecting oneself to the vibrations around leading to a overall positive change.

Participating in the international exchange of wealth and energies contributes to making the World economy and community more sustainable. Tourism can be more responsible towards a more humanly paced growth of the local travel destination economies and communities as well. 



Starting with Family Business and Developing Professionally

Mr. Olivieri up his first enterprise Effemoda in 2001 in Lugano, Switzerland, to cooperate on a family business importing leather goods and cashmere clothing into Japan.

Activities undertaken by Effemoda included supply chain management, quality control, logistics and import-export. A close collaboration with the artisans led to a strong involvement in the hand-made manufacturing process. 

Giulio increased its range of activities into designing and the development of new items and collections, as well as intelligence research for the planning and management of marketing strategies. The range of sectors of activity also widened, in particular to include workers' safety and security in the Swiss market.

Parallel to this activity, he also began collaborating with Harvard Business Services, providing U.S. corporate structures as solutions to international business and tax planning for Swiss and European accountants and financial operatorsIt is for that purpose that Fina Group, LLC was first established in 2003. It worked as a vehicle for collaborations with business partners in the consulting field. 

But due to the financial crisis that hit the global economy in 2008, and some complications in the forms of collaboration with its partners, the sector was slowly transforming. It is in that same period that Giulio started Kiteboarding in Lake Como (2007), and dancing in a Fitness/Wellness center first, then in a professional dance school in Lugano. 

These new activities served to regenerate his body and mind, also helped by the discovery of new cultures during the traveling in search of the winds. He decided to embark in a new professional venture, the one of sports coaching, local tour operator, and online travel agency. 

From International Business Consulting to Watersports, Experiential, and Sustainable Travels.

Fina Group's history represents the transformation of professional activities undertaken by its founder. 

Initially set up in 2003 as the American counterpart of the consulting activity started in Lugano, Fina Group offered international Corporate and Tax planning services to fiduciaries and banks in Switzerland and other European countries.

By using this international enterprise experience, Fina Group now focuses on the Tourism industry, with a specialization on sports and cultural experiences, which well fits the international vision and activities development.

Giulio Olivieri - an Intercontinental background

The Japanese origins

Born in Tokyo, Japan in April 1975, Mr. Olivieri grew up speaking Italian at home, Japanese in town, and French at school. He attended the Lycée Franco-Japonais de Tokyo, and earned a Bacchalaureat D in June 1993. All through high-school the curriculum included courses of English and Spanish, which later became solid languages used at professional level. The last language acquired is Portuguese that Giulio learned by traveling, living and working in Brazil, and later in Portugal.

Education in Switzerland

At the age of 18 Mr. Olivieri moved to Switzerland where he spent his first of four years at the Gstaad International School ( to prepare for an American university education. In the next three years he got a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Economics and Political Science from Franklin University Switzerland ( in Lugano.

The U.S. Experience

After a summer session spent at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., Mr. Olivieri moved to Monterey, California to get his Master's degree. In May 1999 he earned an M.A. in International Policy Studies with a Certificate in Trade and Commercial Diplomacy from the Monterey Institute of International Studies (

In June 1999 Mr. Olivieri started his working experience as a Japanese Editor for Looksmart Co,Ltd. (, an internet start-up based in San Francisco. He quickly moved to work with different international teams, and took the position of International Project Coordinator

Back to Europe

He finally moved back to Europe in July 2000 in order to establish an independent business to collaborate with his family. As Mr. Olivieri's college town, Lugano appeared to be the best location for the base of this import-export and consulting business.

Mr. Olivieri worked in Lugano-Paradiso until 2011.  He traveled to the U.S., Japan, and around Europe for business. His purpose of travel then shifted to kiteboarding and its teaching internationally. 

After 8 years of traveling season to season in different countries around the globe, Mr. has taken base in Turin, Italy, hometown of his father's family. He plans to solidify his personal and business experiences into a more structured organization. Fina Travels is now affiliated to AllTrade Business Tourism based in Rome, part of the Geo network, biggest of its kind in Italy.

Visiting the rich variety of museums that display the cultural heritage of the city, such as Leonardo's self-portrait, brings inspiration for a more aware personal and professional growth.

With the 500-year anniversary of Leonardo's death many of his works such as the  'Codice del Volo' were displayed in the Musei Reali in Torino. In this paricular Code, Leonardo had studied the birds' flying methods, and projected the first parachutes and airplanes inspired by the understanding of many of these species. The same principles of these wings led to the development of wing-shpaed sails used for up-wind tacking, as well as kites later on. 

We like to follow this example of observing and understanding Nature, in order to better learn about ourselves and live in a more connected and harmonious way within the Environment.


Independent Professional Collaborators

Since the formation of his first business in 2000, Mr. Olivieri has developed a significant number of professional collaborators that he has considered as part of the Team, independently from the corporate structures. 

After 20 years of business activity, we still believe that this type of organization can provide the best freedom to creativity and personal development to each member (given that each partner possesses and looks for this type of caracteristics). 

Collaborative partnership agreements need to be flexible in order to easily adapt to the rapidly changing conditions that the economic environment imposes. We are always looking and open to evaluate new proposals to expand our activities.