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Partnership with Garganosurf since summer 2021

Starting already in May, we will be offering top quality Kiteboarding courses throughout the 2021 summer season. The school specializes in courses for Children, and also proposes Hydrofoil lessons. The shallow water spot and boat support with radio helmets guarantee a safe and fast learning process. More details by clicking below:


Wingsurfing, Windsurfing, E-foil and SUP

Garganosurf offers plenty of alternatives for lighter wind or no wind days. Namely Wingsurfing, one of the latest watersports can be tried by taking an introductory course.   

Wingsurfing Course

On lighter wind conditions in the mornings or certain days it is possible to get initiated or refreshed in Windsurfing, as well as trying new freestyle maneuvers with basic equipment. It is also recommended for small children who can safely approach wind-sports. 

Windsurfing Course

Surfing and Stand Up Paddling (SUP) becomes the ideal sport on no wind moments. The flat waters of the lagoon are the best place to start. Short trips to other spots can also be arranged, making it a good way to discovering new beaches, may be not reachable by the road.


Other activities and excursions

One of the best ways to discover the area is Mountain biking. It allows the total immersion in nature, reaching places not possible by car as well. The same goes true with Horse back riding. We can arrange guided tours for both activities to discover secret trails in a safe way.

The Gargano is known for its mediaval towns. And the city of Bari is also worth a visit. Ask us for car rental services, or enjoy the nice weather with scooters. 


We can offer you several options according to your wishes, including an area for campers and aparments right on the spot. We also provide hotels with inclusive services at close driving distance: 

Offers in Gargano

Along the bay you can also stay in hotels or apartments in the lively town of Vieste, where you can stroll around nice little shops, bars and restaurants in the old town or by the water.


In partnership with Locals Salento Kitesurf since 2019, we can offer you an experience that will immerse you in the Lecce area with true locals.

Boat assistance allows students to practice far from the crowded beach area and with longer downwind descents. The upwind 'walk' is replaced by a resting ride up with the zodiac and feedback with the instructor.

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Hotels in Salento