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defi wind 2020!

“The Defi Wind 2020” was successfully held in Miyakojima, Okinawa – Japan -
from February 1 to 4, 2020 under the official license of Defi Wind. "Defi Wind" is one of the biggest events of wind surfing in the world. More than thousand people have joined in Gruissan, France in May to participate to this event, so-called “Woodstock Festival” of wind surfing. 

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kite and diving paradise island

Part of the Ryukyu islands achipelago, Miyakojima is connected by a direct flight from Tokyo, or can be reached through Naha, Okinawa.

It is located on the 24th parallel, just above the Tropic, blessing the island with year round warm climate and world class underwater beauties.

Its popularity has increased in the last years thanks to 3 bridges that were built to connect it to its minor neighbouring islands of Kurima, Ikema and Irabu.

Maehama beach

One of the top attractions of the island, Maehama is a shiny white sand beach that stretches for a kilometer between the Miyakojima Tokyu Resort and a small fishing port.

Its waters are calm being protected by Kurima island that lies in front, and making it a nice area to practice kitesurfing when the winds blow mainly sideshore. 

This is the beach where Giulio first learnt Windsurfing and participated in his first competition in front of the Tokyu Resort. And it was home to the first Defi Wind Japan 2020 event just held in February.