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Fina Group specializes in Experiential Travel, offering the specific travel services and activities as requested by its customers. It aims at providing vacations with quality, sustainablelearning, and transformative experiences

The main offering is Sports vacations, and in particular with activities such as Kiteboarding and other Watersports like WindsurfingWingsurfingWingfoiling, and eFoiling

As our latest addition, we have introduced SnowKiting as our main Wintersport, together with Skiing, Snowboarding, Crosscountry skiing, and Snow Hiking

Moreover, Outdoor activities were added to the Fina Travels experiences, including excursions and trekking in the mountains around the Serra de Tramuntana and the Teide in the Fina destinations of Mallorca and Tenerife, Spain respectively. Mountain biking tours are also offered in various destinations.

Finally, Fina Group also focuses on the Cultural aspect of traveling, so its excursions can include visits to meaningful historical sites, local food, as well as wine tasting.  Some of the Dance activities offered as well, such as Argentinian Tango and Caribbean dances have a strong cultural background.




Your Sustainable Holidays with Outdoor , Watersports, Dance and Cultural Experiences

With Fina Travels, we intend to pursue a more sustainable, balanced and healthy lifestyle, and offer this same opportunity to our customers who search for a life-balancing and transformative experience.

Our tailor made vacation packages can include Kitesurfing and other Water-Sports, Dance, Outdoor and Cultural activities in select locations around Europe (Algarve, Portugal - Tenerife, and Mallorca SpainRhodes, Greece - Puglia and Piemonte, Italy - Suisse Romande and Ticino, Switzerland), the Caribbean (Cabarete, Dominican Republic), South America  (Sao Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil), Africa (Madagascar and Zanzibar) and Asia  (Miyakojima , Japan). 

With us you can create your own holiday package combining adventure, sports, cultural and relaxing activities. According to your needs and wishes, we assist you in organizing a re-energizing vacation, that will give you the opportunity of a positive change in life. 

Catch the best winds and waves with your Kite, Wingfoil, Windsurf or Surfboard while discovering new places and people around the world. Follow the rhythms of nature, local cultures, foods and lifestyles

We select partners with a sustainable mindset for the local environment, a circular economy, and social development, which in itself allows you to contribute to a more responsible tourism experience.

Fina Travels is affiliated to AllTrade Business Tourism based in Rome, part of the Geo Travel Network (biggest travel distribution group in Italy). We  can provide full service through our partners in Italy and around the world.



Connect with the Energy of the Winds and the Waves 

With a 15-year Kitesurfing experience and 12 years of professional teaching in over 17 spots around the globe, Fina's founder Giulio Olivieri enjoys sharing this passion that has been for him a life-changing experience.

In partnership with the best local schools Fina Kiteboarding offers IKO certified basic courses, 2-way radio supported advanced coaching for jumping, rotations, and strapless surfboard wave riding, as well as Kite foiling. 

Thanks to its extensive experience, Giulio has evolved his teaching method focusing on the key elements as accelarating steps to progress in Kitesurfing. Aiming to find personalized solutions for each student's physical and psychological characteristics. 

We also keep updated with new scientific findings in Neuroscience or other fields and applying them in the teaching processes, For example Mirror neurons found to be powerful learning tools. 

Fina Kiteboarding also proposes Wingfoiling coursesconsidered as one of the latest evolutions of wind sports which combines characteristics of Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, and Foiling.

Wingfoiling has been increasingly popular among windsurfers as it requires less wind to enjoy, and lighter equipment. But it has often been chosen by complete beginners to watersports as well, as it is more simple to learn.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop from Unsplash

Wave Surfing and SUP represent great complements and alternatives as no-windy activities. The practice of these sports allows to get familiar with the waves and enjoy the water while strengthening the body and balancing skills.

Also during no wind days, E-foiling, Wake boarding and Wake foiling are proposed by certain partner schools, as a learning step focusing on the board skills.


Learning Experiences and Outdoor activities 

Fina Group offers Experiences through courses, tours and guided activities that aim at a Sustainable impact both at the (personal) traveler level, and at the (local) travel destination level.  

We propose Yoga sessions and retreats for a good stretch and a meditative experience for better balanced body and mind.  We strongly value the Yoga practices made outdoors, and even better by the ocean, in order to also connect with the vibrations of Nature and internalize them for increased self-consciousness and energy. 

Photo by Jake Melara from Unsplash

Hiking and Mountain biking allow us to immerse ourselves in nature while achieving a goal, that of reaching the top of a mountain or the end of a path. 

These proposed outdoor activities have also a meditative aspect, which always helps recenter oneself between body and surroundings

Also, Caribbean dances (Salsa, bachata and merengue) and Argentinian Tango represent great ways to socialize while connecting to the music and its vibrational waves, as well as its specific cultures. 

Dancing events such as festivals can gather people from different parts of the world looking to share cultural heritage and technical development in historical or modern settings. 

We recommend taking guided tours to historic and cultural heritage sites which leads to increasing the knowledge, understanding and connecting to the international development of the World Community that we are all part of.