Fina Travels with the Winds

Outdoor Experiences 

Hiking and Trekking are a great way to immerse yourself in nature. Many guide books and information is available for the adventurers, but it can also be recommended to have local and certified guides take you in organized tours that can include cultural touches to your excursions.

Also, Mountain Bikes and E-bikes can give an eco-friendly tool to exercize and go even further in the trails. Renting or taking tours organized by local experts allow you to have the level of guidance that you may need in an area that is new to you and can have many beauties to discover in a safe way.

Salsa, Tango and local rhythms

Dancing, with its social and musicalaspects, gives proven benefits for the physical and psychological wellbeing. 

Mr. Olivieri's home town in Italy, Torino, offers some of the best Tango scenes in Europe with many schools and milongas led among others, by top level Argentinians professional dancers. The video shows the top performers during the Tango Torino Festival of 2019, in the Galleria Diana of the Reggia di Venaria.

Historically, Tango was born and practiced by many people in Buenos Aires who had emigrated from the Piedmont region in Italy. Their descendants came back to their original family lands and share this art and social entertainment form that had been practiced since the times of the royal courts of the Savoia.

Yoga and Energetics

A vacation that helps relax and disintoxicate from the everyday stress..


With our Yoga Catamaran Sailing Cruises you will be fully immersed in a meditative set up and atmosphere. 

Cultural Excursions

Fina Travels strongly recommends taking a few days to visit the natural beauties of the area, but also the historic sites, museums, and other cultural attractions with guided tours or independently with our local traveling tips. These types of visits help with the cultural enrichment. 

We also encourage as much contact with the local people and following their customs starting from cuisine. Ask us for our list of recommended restaurants and places to hang out for each spot.