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cabarete; kiteboarding capital of the caribbean

The first place in the list is given to the home of the International Kiteboarding Organization Cabarete was initially discovered as a great spot for Windsurfing, and later experienced the development of Kiteboarding from the early stages, with the Legainoux brothers chosing it as home as well.

Cabarete offers world class Kite and Windsurfing conditions, with steady trade winds accelerated by a local thermal effect and nice waves along the closeby reef. Local professional riders participating in world tour competitions, Cabarete has been hosting international freestyle events as well.


You can check the kiting scene right from your swimming pool. Walk to the school for your lessons or set-up your gear outside the door.

Boutique Hotel and Residences

Apartment Condos:


Ocean-front residences with gated 24h security. Fully equipped kitchens and coffee shops and restaurants nearby.


Kitesurfing: Basic to Advanced courses. Radio supported lessons for tricks and surfboard wave riding. Downwinders from La Boca to Encuentro, and mini-trips to . Supervision, rental and storage services.

Windsurfing: Basic and advanced lessons. Rental and Storage services.

latin dance, yoga and spa

Cabarete also offers good Surfing in closeby Encuentro beach and Latin Dancing in the beach clubs. Home to famous Bachata singers, the Dominican Republic continuously plays other latin music styles such as Merengue, Salsa and Regeatton as well.

We can organize Kite and Dance trips to Las Terrenas.