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Kitesurf and Windsurf Holidays - Greece

Rhodes, Greece: Top european wind and sunshine holiday destination

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The biggest of the Dodecanese islands in the Aegean Sea, Rhodes presents beautiful colours and varied landscapes including white sandy beaches and mountains with pine trees. The island is refreshed by the Meltemi winds that blow steadily over the summer, but also gets the winds that flow from the west in the Mediterranean, giving it very high wind statistics.

We offer Watersports holiday packages in 2 different spots of the island. Theologos gives the opportunity to practice both Kiteboarding and Windsurfing from the same surf station. And Ixia specializes in Windsurfing only, but is located closer to the City of Rhodes.


Location: At 15 minute drive south from the international airport of Rhodes, Theologos is a small town with 3 different Kitesurfing schools.
During the season the wind starts blowing around 11 a.m. and drops at sunset, at an intensity between 8 and 20 knots.  The water being pretty flat, it makes it a smooth learning a riding experience.

Hotels: The hotels are at walking distance from the school so very conveniently located and the friendly staff will make the stay all the more pleasant. One option is a 3-star hotel at 100 meters from the beach and watersport station. The second option is a family run bed and breakfast.

Watersports: From basic to advanced Kitesurfing courses, as well as rental of Cabrinha equipment and supervision. Storage service is also offered, together with club access and rescue with a zodiac.
For Windsurfing and Wingfoiling, we can provide you with beginner courses, and rental of beginner and advanced equipment from JP and Fanatic.


Location: At a 10 minute drive from the vibrant city of Rhodes, the tourist town of Ixia provides everything for a relaxed and convenient stay.

Hotels: A small 3 star hotel located minutes away walking from the Windsurfing school, that offers apartments that can accommodate up to 4 people.

Watersports: All levels Windsurfing and Wingfoiling courses. Rental of advanced equipment, including Pro series. Rescue service with a jet-ski.

The school also organizes SUP tours on the opposite side of the island in the mornings or non windy days.

Other services

Greek history and guided cultural tours:

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The Old town of the City of Rhodes is home to the only 'living' medieval castle left in Europe. This island is rich in history and culture, having been at the crossroads of different civilizations from ancient times, since the Miceaneans to the Ancient Greeks, to the Romans and Byzantine, the French Cavaliers to the Italian regime of Mussolini that marked the architecture of the latest and still current government buildings.

The Acropolis of Lindos is definitely worth a visit for it's beauty and historic significance. It can be reached by bus or by boat on daily guided tours as well.

Car and Scooter Rental Service:

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We offer daily, weekly or long-term rentals, with delivery at the airport or at your hotel.