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The Obidos lagoon can be considered the known area for Kitesurfing in Portugal. And Nazaré, the worldwide famous sufing spot for its gigantic waves is only half hour distant. 

Obidos  Lagoon: The medieval townof Obidos is conveniently reachable within an hour from Lisbon. Only separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a flat stretch of land, the nearby Lagoon is blessed with all wind directions, and the Nortada (NW) in particular predominant during the summer months. It makes it a spot with ideal conditions for Kitesurf lessons, and progressing in freestyle.

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Nazare: Famous alsoamong the non-surfers thanks to the 30m waves that won the titles of biggest waves surfed of the last years, it has become a must visit spot for all tourists visiting Portugal. Together with Peniche, known for its Super Tubos surf spot among others, they make this area world class Surf destination for surfers


The southern most region of the lusitan country offers warmer climate and stunning views off the cliffs over the ocean, perfect for watersports. Wide beaches alternate with rocky areas and caves, making a great setup for Wave Surfing and SUP tours. The Alvor lagoon offers shallow and flat water. Kitesurfing sessions need to be timed according to the tides, and the wind can be gusty when blowing from NW, steady when coming from the SE. 

The area can be reached from the airports of Faro (1 hour drive) or Lisbon (3 hours). Buses or trains serve Lagos with regular service.  

LAGOS:  Once a strategic maritime port, it has become a popular tourist destination for its beautiful beaches, but has been able to preserve its authenticity in portuguese heritage. The biggest city of the western part of Algarve sits along the Bensafrim river, in the fusion of two geological characteristics: the promontory of Ponta da Piedade and the sand dunes of the Rio Alvor natural reserve.

The Alvor Lagoon is the main spot of the area for our Kitesurfing lessons. Just 15 minutes from Lagos, it is a wide salt water 

Meia Praia is Lago's city beach, so easily reachable. Wide and almost 2 km long, the beach offers beginner friendly conditions and space for all Kiteboarders.

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BURGAU: A former fishing village, the small town now living mostly from tourism has maintained a strong portuguese presence, together with foreign residents attracted by the presence of an international school. During high season the bars and cafés create a family friendly atmosphere. 

Praia de Burgau: The town is famous for its nice beach protected from the wind by large cliffs on both sides.




SPOTS: The Obidos Lagoon can be considered the best Kitesurfing spot in Portugal for lessons and progression. Closer to Lisbon you can reach Costa Caparica just crossing the bridge south, where several schools offer courses in Fonte da Telha

Also close to Lisbon is Guincho, the famous wave spot already popular with Windsurfers. This spot is only recommended to advanced riders. In the picture on the side, a low wind day in the beach of Guincho.


The whole coast of Portugal can be considered a good for surfing, and all zear round. The West Coast is directly exposed to the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. It generally has larger waves than the Southern Coast of the Algarve, except for when the wind blows from the south (especially in the winter months). 

Surfing schools offering beginner and advanced courses, as well as rental of boards can be easily found in most surf beaches on the West Coast. Good spots for beginners include Cantinho da Bahia (Peniche), Foz do Lizandro (Ericeira), Amado (Aljezur) , Castelejo (Vila do Bispo), Matosinhos (Porto), and Figuiera da Foz (Coimbra).


We organize daily excursions for sunrise and sunset. The famous caves nearby Lagos make a beautiful setting worth some pictures.




Portugal has a rich and glorious past that is worth discovering through the nicely conserved historic landmarks and museums. It is possible to organize a tour of various cities following the developments that made the country great. From Guimaraes, where Portugal was initially founded, to Coimbra and Tomar (Castle of the Templars) where once the reigning sovereigns were based, to of course Lisbon from where the ships departed to reach the Indian Ocean sailing around Africa.

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