Fina Travels with the Winds



SUISSE ROMANDE - French speaking Switzerland

Lake Geneva

Geneva is home to Team Alinghi, winner of the America's Cup, the most famous sailing competition in the world. And Lake Geneva is their ground for training and gear development.

Kite spots: Dullive (Dully), Saint-Prex (Morges), Saint-Sulpice (Lausanne)

Lake of Neuchatel

The Lake of Neuchâtel has been known for its good winds for windsurfing. Several spots are also suitable for Kitesurfing and Wingfoiling.

Kite Spots: La Plage (Yvonand), Portalban, St. Blaise

Lac de Joux

Located in the Valley of Joux at around 1,000 meters of altitude, this lake offers nice conditions for Kiteboarding in good days and Kite and Wing Foiling in most windy days. Despite of its altitude the temperatures remain comfortable until fall time. 

During the winter it is possible to practice cross-country skiing around the lake, as well as snowkiting in the nearby plains upwind of the valley.

TICINO and ENGADINA - Italian and Romantsh Switzerland

Lago di Lugano

The Lake of Lugano, also called Lago Ceresio, is known to be a calm and peaceful lake. Windy days are not so common, but light breezes allow for some sailing with small boats and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Swimming and Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is also a good way to refresh from warm temperatures. 

Walking or jogging around the parks or simply the Lungolago can also be a way to appreciate the beautiful nature of the area. Hiking up some of the surrounding mountains is a bit more challenging, but definitely worth the view. 

Ticino has also been chosen by several athletes competing in Cycling, thanks to the mild climate and hilly nature of the roads that offer safe and enjoyable rides. 

Lago Maggiore

Lake Silvaplana

Perhaps the most known Kiteboarding spot in Switzerland, Lake Silvaplana in the Engadina region is blessed with the reliable Maloja wind which blows at around 4 to 5 Bft. 

But this spot is probably more famous for Snowkiting that has been practiced since 1994. On the frozen lake during the winter, this variant of Kiteboarding is a somewhat easier way to learn the sport.